A Simple Ticket Office

My miniature railway will need a small ticket office. Nothing fancy, the railway isn’t flush with money (and there’s not a lot of space on the baseboard!)

This garden shed kit from KS Laser Designs seems to fit the bill quite well. It’s nicely made in laser cut MDF. I will merge the windows into one opening and create a counter where the customers can purchase their tickets.

Wood cut by laser becomes slightly blackened (on the left below). I lightly sanded the wood before I made the model (on the right below). The paint will cover the blackened areas but you need fewer coats if you sand off the blackened surface.

Assembling the kit is very easy. It’s just a matter of making sure everything is square before the glue dries.

I covered the roof in fine grade (240 grit) wet and dry paper to represent roofing felt. The hardest part is clamping everything in place while the glue dries. There’s not much room for the clamps!

Here’s the model with the unpainted wet and dry paper roof. You could almost get away without painting it.

Almost, I think it will look better if the roof is a lighter shade of grey.


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