Adopt an Engine

As I write all preserved railways in the UK are closed and they are unable to earn much needed cash.

I’m keen to support preserved railways in these difficult times so I was very pleased to find the Kirklees Light Railway Adopt a Engine scheme.

I really like the KLR, I’ve visited a couple of times (on an atmospheric April day and for a steam and diesel gala) and I’m happy to support the railway.

Choosing which loco to adopt was easy – it had to be ‘Owl’. Who could resist a 15inch gauge ‘Heisler’ type, with a crank shaft that’s driven by two centrally mounted cylinders arranged in a V formation 🙂

I thought the ‘Gold Package’ was really good value and I am now the proud owner of a ticket to ride all day for 4 adults, a photo of Owl, a pen, a very detailed pin badge, a certificate and a KLR teddy bear.

If you can, please make an effort to support your favourite line. I’m sure they will be grateful for any support we can give.


  1. The KLR is my local railway and I must admit Owl is my favourite too. It’s mesmerising watching it move. Hopefully they’ll be able to re-open and hold their September gala this year.


    • Hi Mark
      Yes, Owl is great to watch. I’m always intrigued about what motivated Brian Taylor to build it. Just because he could, perhaps 🙂
      I’m hoping the gala will go ahead this year, it’s always a good day out. Social distancing should be possible even in 15 inch gauge carriages, even if it will reduce the number of passengers


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