Layout Completed? Yeah!

A shocking revelation. I think my little industrial layout Thomas and Sons might be completed.

What completed ? Seriously ? Yeah, I think so.

How do I know… well there’s nothing more I want to do to it…

…except operate it 🙂

To mark this milestone I’ve updated the ‘Thomas and Sons’ page with lots of pictures of the layout plus information on how the layout was constructed, the locos and the rolling stock.

This is a more detailed description of the layout than I’ve done previously. Please tell me if you like it or if you prefer the more consice style I used to describe ‘First’.

Now I’m going to ‘play trains’. Happy days 🙂


    • Hi Chris
      Glad you enjoyed the journey 🙂 I’m not sure where I will be going next… we shall see, but perhaps it’s not important they say the journey is more important than the destination…
      Yes, lots of layouts have figures of Michael Portillo on them now a days, but perhaps I’ll be the only one with a John Cleese figure! (I think Myre Davies may have painted him, but I’m not sure)
      I’m really enjoying your Emett work on NGRM by the way. That’s a real change of direction and I’m loving the modelling. It must be refreshing to do something completely new and different.
      All the best Steve

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  1. Lovely little project Steve, great to see it come to completion. Good clear photos, nice figures and rolling stock. Well done and best wishes.

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    • Hi Graham
      Good to hear from a fellow O9 modeller 🙂 Modelling something industrial was something new for me, so I’m pleased you like the layout and the posts. Look forward to seeing you at an exhibition sometime in the future
      Best wishes

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  2. Happy days indeed! Nice work, and two years is pretty quick when it comes to layout builds I reckon. The only thing left to do now is enjoy it.
    As for the page, write what you would want to read, everyone else will have their own ideas on content so you might as well add as much or little as you feel.

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    • Hi Paul
      Well I was hoping to get it done in about 6 months 🙂 Ha Ha
      I’m always amazed that pro modellers like Chris Nevard can build a layout in 85 hours ( but then he’s an experienced pro modeller…
      Thanks for the ‘write what you want’ advice – very true. I quite like the ‘all in one page’ format, it’s a little long but it does give a more detailed overview.
      I’m liking your A1 Models diesel loco build by the way – looking good

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