Model It? Sheringham Station

This is Sheringham station on the North Norfolk Railway photographed in 2018.

I love the way the Poppy Line have recreated the atmosphere of a historic station on a modern preserved line.

Model this and it would be like modelling two different time periods simultaneously. You could have someone with a mobile phone next to some milk churns!


Model It? Sometimes I see things that inspire me, things I think would make a great model. I thought I would share photos of what I find interesting and perhaps, just perhaps, they might inspire your modelling…


  1. Spent many a happy day at Sheringham. A fantastic place even without the railway but the way the station is located means you just can’t miss it and the atmosphere it gives to the town! It would make a wonderful model especially if you included the link across to the current mainline – the perfect excuse to run just about anything – I can understand the attraction of modelling a heritage line and the inspiration that the photo gives..

    Sheringham must be strange place at the moment though without the railway operating just like so many other similar lines. Just hope they can all survive.



    • Hi Woody
      Yes, I love Sheringham. Lovely little town, the seaside, great secondhand book shop (Peter’s books), a model shop (Smith’s in Station Road – I hope he’s still there), fresh cockles…. Oh and there’s the North Norfolk Railway too
      I hadn’t thought of modelling the link to the mainline and the preserved railway, that’s a great idea. As you say, the perfect excuse to run just about anything 🙂
      All the best


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