Positioning Figures on Layouts

Adding figures to layouts is a lot of fun. It adds atmosphere, plus you can create your own little world.

Here’s my approach. First decide where you want the figure and make a little mark (above).

Next drill a hole.

Now clear up your mess. (I sound like my father!)

Then I put the figure in place.

For some time now I’ve been drilling a small hole in the legs of my figures and gluing a piece of wire in the cavity. The wire gives me something to hold while I’m painting the figure and, because I’ve drilled some holes in a scrap piece of wood, I can support the figure while it dries. The wire is very useful for fixing the figure on the layout. The man for Thomas and Sons (above) is 7mm (1:43) scale but it works well for 00 (1:76) scale people too (below). You can even use this approach for sheep!

The Usual Suspects

Here’s Arkwright, the works foreman, in place. I haven’t glued him in place yet, I may do that later…


  1. Hi Steve. Thank you so much for your reply and links.
    I have a Thames dockside to build in N scale so will attempt (?) to follow your instructions. Think I may need stronger glasses though ha ha.

    Liked by 1 person

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