Trestle !

Sometimes railway modellers become overly interested in small or unusual details. Well, I know I do.

I’ve made a trestle for the wagons on Thomas and Sons. It’s small, only 4 cm (1.5 inches) long, but it’s given me a surprising amount of pleasure.

It’s made from an underrated modelling material, a rocket stick. Yes, the stick attached to a firework. At certain times of the year you can pick them up off the streets easily. Think of it as recycling. OK, it’s not the highest quality wood. It’s rough and often warped but if you want to represent aged, worn wood it can work well. I think the buffer stops on ‘First’ were made from this too.

The trestle will be used for transporting large loads that are too wide for the wagons, such as this large drive wheel…

.. and this very large sheet of metal.

Yes, the trestle is behind there… somewhere 🙂

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