Rummage Box Box Van

A couple of years ago the 009 Society sales stand were selling large numbers of these van bodies for very reasonable prices. (I think they may have been 50 pence or £1 each). I can’t resist a bargain and I brought three of them!

They have sat in a drawer for two years, but they’re nice mouldings and it seemed a pity not to use at least one of them.

A chassis was required and so I turned to a Peco N Gauge chassis (NR-121). There are quite a lot of mouldings on the underside of the van. I cut the chassis so that it would fit between the mouldings and be as close to the floor of the van as possible.

In the end I had to remove quite a lot of the chassis. Here’s the cut-away chassis next to an unmodified one.

Worried that I might have weakened the chassis, I used generous quantities of expoy glue to hold it in place and provide some additional strength.

Thankfully the glue wont be visible when the van is running!


  1. Steve, the bodies were from the remaining unsold Minitrains’ bogie vans specially produced for the 009 Society’s 40th anniversary. The bodies were detatched from the bogies, sprayed grey to mask the logo, and body and bogies sold separately.


    • Hi Bill,
      Thanks for that, I didn’t know the background. That explains all the mouldings on the underside, I hadn’t figured out they were to mount bogies. I’m pleased to know I have a 009 Society 40th anniversary van, even if it’s in disguise 🙂


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