Paint, Passengers, Panes

Some paint, some passengers and some windows panes and the Victorian coaches are complete. Here they are with the loco made from a converted Rheneas body.

The paint job is fairly standard for my 009 coaches: grey primer, a base coat of Humbrol GWR/BR Green, dry brushed with light grey and muddy brown, plus a couple of washes of diluted black. The roofs were painted with Humbrol grey primer, dry brushed with muddy brown and dark green, followed by an uneven coat of Humbrol Engineers Grey. I’m rather pleased with the textured effect created by adding the layer of tissue paper to the roofs.

Narrow gauge lines never carried many passengers and often struggled to make a profit. But I like my coaches to contain a few figures. Not too many – we wouldn’t want the line to make too much money 🙂

The standing figure was originally a Dapol workman swinging a pick-axe. His pick-axe has been removed, an arm repositioned, and he has been promoted to be the guard in the guards van. Oh, and his height has been adjusted so that he can peer out of the window.

It will be difficult to see much detail inside the unlit coaches so the figures were given a very quick paint job. In fact it took just over an hour to paint all six of them – quick work by my standards.

I rather like this ‘consist’. It will be a useful addition to the roster on ‘First’.


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