Arched Factory Doors

The doors for the arched entrances to the factory have been completed and glued in place on the layout.

I started by using the card doors from LCut, however these were a little too short. I guess they are designed to fit over track laid on the ground but the track on Thomas and Sons is inset into the yard.

I felt that longer doors would look better and I used plasticard to make some that were 5mm (0.2 inch) larger.

After the blog about the sliding doors Simon asked how I painted them so I thought I’d include some pictures. The doors were sprayed with Humbrol grey primer and painted with Citadel Altdorf  Blue acrylic paint.

Next, I dry brushed them with a light grey (Citadel Ulthuan Grey) to give them a slightly worn look.

To make the doors appear dirty I brushed on Citadel’s Stirland Mud which has a strange gel-like consistency but it’s great for this type of job.

I applied a little too much brown and the doors looked too dirty. To correct this I dry brushed some Altdorf Guard Blue on to the darker patches to lighten the effect. Finally, I gave the doors a couple of washes of diluted black paint (Humbrol RC401). This has accentuated the joints between the planking.

Two pairs of arched doors were needed, here’s the second pair in place on the layout. They’ve been positioned to partially mask the interior of the buildings and the exits to the traversers.

I’m pleased with the result and I feel I’m making good progress on this layout now 🙂



    • Hi Henrik, Thank you, I’m pleased you like it. Yes, I definitely feel I’m making progress now. Next job will be to try some waethering powers on the buildings. That should be fun.


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