Narrow Gauge World Features ‘First’

My little 009 layout appears in this month’s Narrow Gauge World magazine. It was a pleasant surprise as I didn’t know NGW were going to feature it !

Many thanks to Phil Parker for the photos and Andrew Charman for the complimentary words in the text.

Narrow Gauge World reminds me of a Sunday newspaper, a great way to spend a couple of hours catching up with what’s going on in the world (of narrow gauge railways).

In this issue there are interesting articles on the Talyllyn renovating their first ever i/c loco, the new ‘Bear’ at the Groudle, Russell’s return to the WHR and a cracking centrefold picture of the Beeches Light Railway.

Andrew’s editorial on the need to change the law to enable under 16s to take an active interest in heritage railways is very pertinant. Let’s hope that change happens….


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