A Rite of Passage: The Pug Conversion

Many narrow gauge modellers love to do a ‘Pug Conversion’. OO9 modellers modify the Dapol Pug kit to create a 4mm scale narrow gauge locomotive. O scale narrow gaugers often start with the Hornby Pug and use this as the basis for a 7mm scale narrow gauge loco. For some people a Pug Conversion is a rite of passage, they believe you aren’t really a narrow gauge modeller until you’ve done one.

Over two years ago I brought this second hand ‘pug’ body from a rumage box at an exhibition and recently I brought this brand new Bachmann Rheneas.

I removed the body from the loco. The mechanism is very narrow and compact, with what looks like a modern cordless motor, and there’s even a flywheel.

It’s a good starting point.

Should I combine the two to create a O9 loco?

Why not, I need a break from pushing around small pieces of clay…..


  1. Go for it! I’ve been pondering a conversion of my Rheneas for a while, but my parsimonious nature can’t justify chopping about a loco that cost over £100 (though I’ve been quite happy to chop up Jouef coaches that now go for £40 ish on ebay.)
    (ps – on a personal note, check out my blog on Joppy’s Model Railway Trials And Tribulations for my puny efforts).


    • Hi Ian Thanks for the encouragement. I have a feeling I wont be able to resist this! Yes taking a brand new chassis and cutting it about is rather nerve wracking but I’m going to take a deep breath and go for it…
      I enjoyed your website. I’m very inspired by the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway too. So many ideas but not enough time….


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