Pug Conversion: Knock Up A Mock Up

To see if it would be possible to do a pug conversion using the Bachman Rheneas chassis I spend a happy couple of hours in the sunshine making this cardboard mock up.

Mark 1 of the mock up, above, showed promise, but is far too long.

I reduced the length of the footplate and the saddle tank. The second version looks more promising.

It is very tempting….




  1. Just my thoughts. In British-designed locos the smokebox and cylinders are almost invariably vertically in line and not offset, as here. I think trim some more off the tank and reduce the length of the cab by at least a third. Then reduce the height so the smokebox sits directly on the footplate and I think you’ll have something with a quarry Hunslet vibe.


    • Hi Colin, Good point about the position of the smoke box and the cylinders, I’ll work on that. I don’t really want a Hunslet look. I’m drawing inspiration from the Kerr Stuart Pompey Class, from the Woolwich Arsenal. Of course, it ‘s just inspiration, it definitely wont be an accurate model. Steve


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