Second Sett Test Piece

Creating the first test piece and posting it online was a worthwhile exercise. I learnt a lot from making it and I got useful feedback from other people.

The advice was:

  • the grey was pretty good but a little bit of brown would look more realistic
  • the gaps between the setts were a little prominent
  • there should be a line of setts alongside the track
  • the setts between the rails should run parallel to the rails

Many thanks to David, Paul and Michael for the advice.

To work on these things I’ve created a second test piece:

  • I’ve run the setts between the rails parallel to the track, and this looks much better
  • To reduce the prominence of the gaps between the setts I pressed the tool into the DAS clay more gently. I pressed too hard on the left hand side again, but the right hand side is an improvement.
  • I washed the clay with a mixture of black and brown paint. When this was dry I dry brushed with grey. This has added more brown to the setts. Additionally, the brown/black mix is less conspicuous than the black wash I used previously and it has reduced the prominence of the gaps between the setts.

The test piece isn’t that neat but it is a good step forward and I’m feeling more confident about starting on the layout now.


  1. That does look good. The shape of setts may vary, I’d imagine a shorter block, but it looks convincing. I think the colouring works well too.


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