Painting the Setts

The stone setts on my test piece have been painted. I wanted to experiment with different approaches to see which looked best.

To the left of the rails: I’ve read that some modellers paint the DAS clay black, then dry brush with grey, beige and cream to create the impression of stone setts. On the left hand side I painted the setts black (Humbrol RC401), dry brushed them with grey (Humbrol RC413), cream/beige (Citadel Terminus Stone) and light grey (Citadel Ulthuan Grey).

Between the rails: painted with black (Humbrol RC401), dry brushed with grey (Humbrol RC413) and light grey (Citadel Ulthuan Grey).

To the right of the rails: painted with two coats of very diluted black (Humbrol RC401) and dry brushed with grey (Humbrol RC413).

In my opinion the experiment on the right has worked best. The grey is darker and it looks more like old, weathered stone.

What a relief – the simplest approach gives the best results !


    • Hi David, All good thanks. Weeds are a good idea. I can get my static grass out again, that’ll be fun 🙂
      I’m off to SWING in Littlehampton this weekend. Are you planning on going too?


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