Honestly, Cling Film…

It’s nearly time to coat the yard of the engineering works with DAS clay to create the setts. There were a few last minute jobs to do.

To protect the buildings I’ve covered them in cling film. Yes, you read that correctly, cling film. The buildings need to be in place because they form the boundary of the yard but they will be vulnerable to stray pieces of clay. It seemed easier to protect them before starting than to have to clean them afterwards.

A few detailing pieces have been added too. For example the drains for the down pipes from the gutters.

And the chequer plates that cover the point mechanisms.

Finally, I’ve installed the buffer stop at the end of the siding. As this is an engineering works I’ve imagined that they have used a piece of H section steel, that has become worn and dented with use.

I’ve been putting off making the setts for some time. Now it seems I’ve got no more excuses.

I’d better get on with the job 🙂


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