Placing the Setts on the Layout

It’s just occurred to me that I can put the sett test piece on the layout and see what it looks like under the layout lighting. (Why didn’t I think of this before !)

It’s helped me realise several important things. Firstly it confirms that the painting method used on the right hand side of the test piece is best.

Secondly, it looks better if the rows of setts run across the layout (see the image above).

I had intended to run the rows of setts ‘front to back’ on the layout as in the image below. If I did this the viewer would see the gaps between the rows of setts more clearly. This gives the impression of lots of black lines and it isn’t visually appealing. I will make the setts so the rows run across the layout.

Also, as Paul suggested in response to an earlier post, the gaps between the setts could be reduced. I’ve tried making the base of the tool thinner, but I think I’m pressing the tool too far into the clay. The gaps are very deep. Perhaps pressing less hard so the gaps aren’t so prominent will help. More testing required 🙂

Finally, I’ve realised the layout will look very grey.

Grey setts in the yard, grey roofs, grey skies.

Hmm. Should I repaint the sky…?


  1. A couple of thoughts. The setts should run along the rails between them, and a couple of courses either side. Beyond that change to an angle that suits the building, or perhaps diagonally, or even cobbles to break the monotony and straightness. Look at my Landswood Park layout. Secondly, how about a little brown into the paint mix to add a hint of warmth, even granite is not just grey. Try to find some photos to help.


    • Thanks Michael. That’s very helpful and very timely. I was thinking of starting on the layout! I’ve checked out the prototype pictures on the Landswood Park section of your blog and I see exactly what you mean. I appreciate the advice. I think I need to do another test piece…..


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