Covering Sleepers with ‘Setts’

The next step in making setts from DAS modelling clay is to create the setts between the rails.

To do this I flattened some clay and used a length of track to cut it to the correct width.

Then I added the clay between the rails on the test piece.

There was far too much clay between the rails (!) and I removed the excess by running the flange way cleaning tool along the track.

This created a rough surface which I smoothed out using my finger and then I marked the setts into the clay.

The clay dried quite quickly and I cleaned off any excess with a craft knife blade.

Experimenting on the test piece was another good learning exercise. The clay between the rails needs to be thinner than I’d expected and cleaning up with a metal blade has scratched some of the paint off of the inside of the rails. I will keep these things in mind in future.

Most importantly, I’m pleased to say that wagons run along the track without any problem. Sucess 🙂


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