It’s Progress, Jim, But Not As We Planned It

A lazy bank holiday weekend has prompted some reflection on Thomas and Sons. I created a ‘plan’ in January and I’ve made good progress. Although not strictly according to plan 🙂

The buildings have advanced well, although the gutters and doors haven’t been added. I have been taking the building on and off the layout regularly as the work’s progressed. I decided open doors and gutters would be vulnerable to damage and I haven’t added them to the buildings yet.

The lighting, painting and backscenes are completed and the chequer plate point inserts have been made but are not painted as I suspect some more filing and fiddling will be needed when the setts are in place.

This means the biggest task that remains is making the setts for the yard (and the floors for the interior of the buildings at the same time). I’ve never done this before and I’m a little apprehensive of this job, but I need to push forward with it now.


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