Video: Operating Thomas and Sons

Pete asked if I could post a video of some stock running on Thomas and Sons. Here it is, click on the image and you’ll be taken to a YouTube video.

The lighting is temporary, I’m running ‘consists’ because there are no uncoupling magnets and there’s lots of other things to do, but it is fun operating the layout.

I’ve realised how difficult it is to produce good quality videos. This one is far from perfect and it’s my fourth attempt (!)

Take 1: After operating the layout for about 4 minutes I realised that setting up the camera is not enough, you have to click ‘start’ to record something.

Take 2: Knocking over the lights does not improve the quality of the video.

Take 3: Kicking the tripod isn’t a good idea either.

Take 4: Checked shirts shouldn’t appear in model railway videos, plus, I’m not as familiar with my DCC controller as I should be and this caused some delays between trains in the video.

Perhaps, I’m not destined to become a Vlogger….


  1. Thanks for that Steve, looks ace!!
    Hours of fun operating the layout. Perhaps some background sounds of diesels or ticking over etc to add an extra layer of interest?


    • Thanks Pete, glad you like it.
      Ah, now you’re pushing me to DCC sound! Until recently I’ve been sceptical but I’ve heard a couple of great DCC sound layouts in the last few months (Priory Lane in N gauge by Malcolm Goodyer and Tramfabriek at ExpoNG) and I must admit the idea is growing on me. It’s something I might retro fit to the locos when the layout is up and running. Note I said might.. that may mean probably… if I can find some good sound files….. 🙂


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