O Gauge Guild Spring Show 2019

Saturday the 2nd March gave me a problem. Two exhibitions on the same day. The Norfolk and Suffolk Narrow Gauge Modellers annual show was in Beccles and the O Gauge Guild Spring Show in Kettering. It might have been possible to visit both but my ‘Dad’s Taxi’ duties meant that I didn’t have time. I had to decide.

I’ve been to Beccles for the last four years and it’s always excellent, but in the end I plumped for something different. I’ve never been to an O Gauge Guild show and I thought it might help me ‘get my eye in’ for O scale.

It was a BIG show with over 80 traders, an extensive secondhand stall and lots and lots of enthusiasts. There were fantastic locos everywhere, for example Connoisseur Models (at the begining of the blog) and Steamline Limited (below). (Repeat to self: I must resist buying O scale locos, I must resist buying O scale locos….).

Starting with the traders I brought several detailing items for Thomas and Sons and I even brought a secondhand soldering iron. I hadn’t expected to come home with a soldering iron, but it is a more powerful iron with a finer tip than the one I currently own and I think it will be much better.

Next, my attention turned to the layouts. Narrow gauge was represented by Mosquito Falls an On30 Canadian logging line from the De Havilland MRS.

One of the modules features a super curved trestle bridge that carries the line around a 90 degree corner.

This is the ‘logging’ module.


The layout has a wide range of very nice diesel and steam outline locos.

The St David’s Light Railway is a fictitious branch line serving the beautiful cathedral city of St David’s. Richard Parker has created a very attractive standard gauge terminus that offers lots of operating potential in a compact space. When I visited the pannier tank was performing some intricate shunting manoeuvres between the goods shed and the platforms.

Let’s move from Pembrokeshire to the Fens, just north of Peterbrough. Willowbrook Marsh is situated on the borders of the Midland and Eastern regions of British Railways in the 1950s-60s. The layout features a goods depot and a maltings complex. I was impressed by the diverse, well modelled, locomotives Nigel Adams runs on his layout.

The East Midlands Group of the O Gauge Guild brought their very large test track. It included 12v or 24v DC and 2 rail, 3 rail or stud (using the centre rail) pick up, and live steam operation. Many visitors were happy to take a seat and watch the trains go by.

I have to congratualte the O Gauge Guild. The show was well organised, everyone was helpful and friendly and it was an enjoyable day out. It was a new experience for me and it’s given me lots of ideas…..


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