A Roof for the Engineering Works

One of the buildings for Thomas and Sons has a roof !

To create the roof, a piece of card was cut to the size and shape of each of the four roof sections. These were covered with strips of card to represent the tiles (as described in this blog).  Last time I did this the card warped and the roof wasn’t a snug fit to the building. After reading the blog a couple of people wrote to me with advice for solving the problem. Chris Seago suggested adding a piece of card to the interior of the model, and Chris O’Donoghue suggested painting both sides of the card. This time I did both of these things and the roof components are much flatter. Many thanks for the suggestions guys!

The roofs sections were glued to the building with ‘hot glue’. This set quickly and meant that I didn’t have to find ways of clamping the odd shaped pieces in place while the glue dried.

There were small gaps at the ridges of the roof. Ridge tiles were made from pieces of card and after a couple of coats of paint the gap was disguised quite well.

In Thomas and Sons the yard will be surrounded by three buildings. This is the first to receive a roof. One down, two to go 🙂


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