The Yard Office (Part 5)

When the yard office is in place on Thomas and Sons it will be possible to see into one corner of the building. It would be nice to include some interior details.

Not wanting to spend time scratch building I was pleased to find LCUT make a kit for the interior of the office. It includes a desk, chair, filing cabinet, coal box, a clock and a stove. As you can see they are easy to make and I spent a very productive Saturday afternoon making and painting some of them.

To add a little more detail I made some ledgers to go on top of the desk. They were made from small pieces of card.

The grey card represents the cover and the white card was placed on both sides of the grey card to create an open ledger, or sandwiched between it to create closed ones. These were glued on the desk and filing cabinet.

It was a simple job to glue the furniture in position inside the office.

The best perspective of the interior the viewer will get is this…. Most of it is invisible!

Never mind, I had a lot of fun making the furniture and my conscience knows the office has an interior 🙂

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