200th Post

This week I realised I have been blogging for 4 years and I’ve written 199 posts. So to create a milestone, here’s is my 200th post.

I was quite surprised by these statistics. Four years ago, if someone had told me I’d write 200 entries here, well, I wouldn’t have believed them.

When I started out there wasn’t a plan. This was a diary to record what I was doing and a way of motivating me to keep modelling. I’d do some modelling, blog about it and then think “OK, what shall I do next?”.

To be honest, there still isn’t a plan. It’s still my diary, and it definitely motivates me to keep modelling. What I have realised is that I enjoy writing and taking the photos much more than I’d expected. Plus, it is a real pleasure to learn that other people read this and enjoy what they find here.

So the blog will keep going, and I hope you’ll keep reading it!


Image at the top of this post uses vectors from Freepik.


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