Lots to Like: The 7mm Narrow Gauge Association

7mm Narrow Gauge Association Publications

There’s a lot to like about the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association.

They publish a bi-monthly magazine, Narrow Lines. There’s always a diverse range of interesting articles. The topics include layouts, prototype image galleries, modelling articles, ‘how to articles’, product reviews, book reviews and exhibition reports. The writing is great and the images of a high standard. This is topped off with a quality magazine finish. Great if you are thinking of modelling in 7mm scale (or you’ve already started!). Congrats to Peter Page the editor.

Two other things have really impressed me about the association: their publications and modelling goods sales.

The publications are super and over time I’ve accumulated quite a number (some of them are in the above image). They range from the inspirational (for example ‘The Right Track’), to the very practical (for example ‘Buildings Handbook’). One of my favourites is ‘Going Minimum Gauge’ which manages to be both inspirational and practical. It has articles on great layouts, images of prototypes and “how to” modelling guides.

The 7mm NGA offer an extensive range of new modelling goods, all available by mail order. The list is very comprehensive and includes items that would be difficult to obtain from other sources. Customer service is great and orders are processed quickly and arrive within a few days. They are very customer focussed and, in my opinion, they beat a lot of the big name online retailers.

Finally, the association has a nice, personal feel about it. I’ve been a member for just over a year and when my membership fell for renewal I got a personal letter from the chairman who knew what publications and modelling goods I’d brought and he encouraged me to renew. Naturally, he was knocking at an open door.

The 7mm NGA has been an inspiration for me and has encouraged me to dip my toe into O9 modelling. If you are even remotely interested in 7mm Narrow Gauge I’d encourage you to join.

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