The Devil’s in the Detailing

Detailed ChassisThe Hunslet loco I’m building is the first thing I’ve tried to build in O9. When I looked at it I was struck by it’s size. It’s much bigger than a 009 locomotive. You can get away with minimal detailing on small 009 locos but I quickly realised a 7mm scale loco cries out for extra detail. So I set to work…

First I made some axle boxes with suspension springs. The springs were made from a 2mm diameter bolt. I filed one side of the bolt flat so that when I stuck it to the chassis it would look like part of the spring is underneath the loco. I created each axle box from three small pieces of plasticard.

Axel Boxes

To give the impression of bolts on the sole bars I added short pieces of 1mm diameter rod. I found it tricky to cut the pieces of rod to exactly the same length, but this can be fixed by filing the pieces of rod to a consistent height after they are in place on the chassis.

Here’s the body perched on the detailed chassis. Eagle eye readers will notice I have reduced the length of the chassis so that it matches the length of the loco body. I think it looks much more realistic like this.

Hunslet on ChassisNext, the cab interior… gulp!



  1. Looking good Steve, it really makes a difference with this kit if the chassis frame matches the body length. I look forward to seeing it progress to the paint shop…



  2. Hi Colin
    Thanks for your message. Yes it ‘looks right’ with the shorter chassis frame. Funny how one small change improves things so much. I’ve been wondering about what colour to paint it. I quite fancy a light brown rather like the loco on the BVR. What do you think?



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