Quarry Trains

Quarry Wagons Loaded I have just finished two quarry trains.

The box wagons and flat wagons were designed by Penistone Railway Works and 3D printed by Shapeways. The box wagons are based on those of the Aberllefenni slate quarry in Wales and the flat wagons are freelance. The wagons are designed to take Parkside Dundas wheels and Greenwich couplings. I have to say the designs are very good, everything fitted together very well.

I’ve made two sets of wagons. The first set have limestone loads. The second set are empty.

Quarry Wagons UnloadedIt is the first time I have tried to weather anything. I soaked the 3D printed objects in white spirit and washed off any residues. To make them look used and abused I cut small pieces out of the wooden parts with a modelling knife. Then I primed the wagons with Humbrol grey and gave the wood a base coat of mid brown and the metal parts a coat of dirty black. To make everything look used I added layers of diluted black. Finally, to create the appearance of limestone dust I added layers of diluted light grey paint. I think the overall effect has worked rather well.

The brake van came from a rummage box on the 009 Society Sales Stand. Eagle eyed readers will notice there is only one brake van. Quarry lines are run on a shoestring!


  1. Steve, Very well done on the effects, the whole set is nicely turned out, nice to see it in a set piece when you get round to it mate……………..Best regards Tom..


    • Thanks Tom. Funny you should mention that, I am building a small layout at the moment. I’m planning a ‘scenic summer’ to push ahead on the dusty work of creating hills and laying scatter grass while I can do it outside. I will post updates… Steve


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