Platforms and Pagodas

Station PlatformI am starting to make the scenery for my layout. The platforms and station building seemed a good place to start.

As you can see I’ve made the station platform and a Wills Wayside Station kit.

The platforms are 7mm thick balsa wood, edged with Wills Dressed Stonework plastic sheet.

Platfrom Construction

For the platform surfaces I used 0.5mm thick artists card, cut to size and then inscribed to produce stone edging slabs. I borrowed this technique from David Burleigh who described it in the December 2014 issue of OO9 News.

For the goods platform I distressed the edge slightly to make it look like the slabs have been broken during years of loading and unloading.

Goods Platform

I found the goods van in a rummage box on the OO9 Society Sales Stand. I removed the chassis and cut one side to open the van doors.

I need to paint and weather the platforms and the buildings, but it’s a good start.

Were you expecting pagodas? Well, there are none. I thought the title ‘Platforms and Pagodas’ sounded better than ‘Platforms and Buildings’ and more people would read the blog! Did it work?


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