Freelance Tank Loco – Next Steps

A Little Bit of Lead

I am back working on the freelance tank loco. I added some lead sheet to the inside of the body. A test fitting showed that everything fitted quite well.

Adding the Body Work

A quick spin around the test track was a little disappointing. There was a loud grinding noise and the loco ran only intermittently. The problem wasn’t too difficult to find. The armatures of the motor were rubbing against the underside of the firebox of the loco body. This gave me a great excuse to use my Dremel (I love that tool!). I ground a concave recess in the fire box to solve the problem.

Break Out the Dremel

I glued the ‘chassis footplate’ to the body, fitted the hangers, piston rods and coupling rods and gave it another test run. It’s looking good.

So Far, So Good

I need to add the cab roof and I’d like to add some handrails and some detailing. I haven’t decided exactly what details to add yet. I want to create an industrial feel for the finished loco. A bit more thought is required.

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