A Bit of a Backlog

Bit of a BacklogI’m wondering what to do next. When I got out my ‘To Do’ box I was surprised – it’s really full!

A quick count up shows there are 4 locos and 16 wagons to build, another 5 wagons to repaint, and a couple of buildings to make. Hmm… quick a backlog. And, that’s not including the work I need to do on the layout.

I think I need to stop buying and start building…..


  1. Never stop buying or collecting, you never know what you might need or enjoy in the future. Make a ’round tuit’ list and work through with vague priorities that can change as the mood take you. Modelling is a long journey enjoy it.


    • Thanks Mark, that’s good advice. I like the idea of a’round tuit’ list. I have my next two projects in my head: another loco and some quarry wagons. Oh.. and I need to get back to building the layout!


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