Finally Finished

Kerr Stuart Loco Finished March 2015Many thanks to everyone who gave me advice on the white layer wierdness. You were right it is a strange effect due to the varnish. So I sanded the body down, repainted it and prepared to revarnish. This time I took all your advice. I warmed the can of varnish first, shook it very thoroughly and sprayed in a low humidity environment. Guess what? I got the same white effect again! I have no idea why, perhaps a duff can of spray varnish.

So I sanded it down again, repainted it and decided to take another approach. This time I used Humbrol Dull Coat….. and I painted it on. The results are much better, although probably not as good as spraying. Finally, I added some makers plates and a nameplate from Narrow Planet.

Overall, for my first loco, I’m pretty pleased with it. It looks quite good and runs well too.

When I look back, I realise I started this in November. That’s 4 or 5 months ago! It’s time to say it’s finished and move on to something else!

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