Tin Plate & Three Rail at Wilbraham

Today I cycled to the small village of Great Wilbraham for a model railway exhibition.

I was slightly surprised there was an exhibition in a village with a population of around 650, but it was to raise money to renovate the 12th century church.

It was mostly vintage and classic 3 rail and tinplate trains and it appears to have been organised by a chapter of The Hornby Railway Collectors’ Association.

It was great to see, and hear, these old train sets running. There were lots of interesting people to talk to and tasty cakes. What more could you want!

Here are some photos. To be honest I don’t know what is commonplace, valuable or rare so I simply snapped things that caught my eye. Click on an image for a larger picture.


    • Yeah, I did eat a lot of cake – you’ve gotta do your bit 🙂
      It was pretty busy, loads of families with young children, so hopefully the restoration funds have been boosted.
      Layout owners were letting the kids operate. Great to see 5 and 6 year olds operating 60+ year old tinplate stock.

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