Boxomise: Control Panel

This weeks job was making a control panel for my new 009 layout.

Here are some photos and descriptions of the build. Click on an image for a larger picture.

I can’t decide whether to connect it to the layout with colour coded wires or use a single colour for the wires.

Sensible Steve thinks colour coded wires would make it easier to solve any problems.

Aesthetic Steve thinks it might look better if all the wires were the same colour.

What do you think?


  1. Hi Steve, I assume you are in effect making an umbilical cord to join layout to control panel. If so you could use colour coded wires for ease of fault finding but run them through some black tubing for the aesthetics. Any fault and you can pull back the tubing to see the coloured wires.

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  2. Looks good. I’ll utilise some of your ideas if I may. The box will need to be big enough to house a Megapoints MiniController. Then there will be only one servo cable leaving the box plus power for the controller.

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