Apadobe Mine: Layout Completed

There’s an old joke that model railway layouts are never finished, modellers just keep adding to them.

My little shunting layout is finished.

It’s definitely finished.

How do I know?

Well, I feel I’ve done everything I want to and I want to start the next project.

The second part of that sentence is the key part… I want to move on… so this layout must be finished.

It’s only a small layout, the baseboard measures roughly 650 x 300 mm (25.5 x12 inches), yet it took me 14 months to go from the initial idea to the completed layout.

It seems a long time for such a small area, but in that time I’ve done the baseboard, track, electrics, lighting, scenery, and made a loco and eight wagons. Plus there were a few diversions along the way 🙂

I reckon 14 months for a layout is pretty good progress for me.

It’s taught me that I’m happier making smaller projects.

Anything bigger and there’s a danger I’ll loose interest or motivation along the way.

When I make that room / garage / house filling layout it will have to be broken down into small pieces. That’s unlikely to happen though – I don’t have the space 🙂

If you are interested you can read all the steps of building the layout here: https://009adventure.blog/category/layout-apadobe-mine/

Or, if you are pressed for time, you can watch this 22 second video that’s a ‘run past’ of all the Apadobe Mine stock.

Yes, 14 months of work distilled down into just 22 seconds !


  1. I think that’s excellent and as finished as you want it to be. I’m with you on the small layouts. Many of mine have been micros but … they do have a tendency to grow like topsy. Both my first 009 layout, Nottery Quay and Compass Point were just intended to be a single board, about four feet long but both double in length by the time they were finished. I doubt you’ll have that problem with Apadobe Mine, as it’s a continuous run, but beware if you start off with a terminus to fiddle yard layout!


    • Thanks Chris – that’s a real compliment coming from a great layout builder like yourself.
      I’ve read your warning and all I can say is “Oh no ! my next project is a fiddle yard to terminus layout !!”
      Who knows in 10 year time it might have taken over the whole house 🙂


  2. Dear Steve
    Layout looks good those 422 wagon bodies look good with the rest of the stock in the train they blend in nicely and they look the right size. I bought a lot of bits from this seller doing the same as you I see they do a wooden wagon now that I will get. I am pleased for you the overall look’s so good, and runs well, anyway onwards and forward to the new layout and revitalize your layout building skills.

    Roger S


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