Boxomise: The Final Track Plan ?

When I posted my ideas for possible track plans to the NGRM forum I got lots of useful comments and suggestions. Thanks everyone!

Bob Hughes and Michael Campbell suggested ‘flipping’ the design so that the sidings were at the front of the baseboard.

Michael went further and sketched out some modifications to one of the mock ups. He suggested creating a more spacious feel by spreading out the facilities. He’s been braver than me by pushing the track to the edges of the baseboard and angling it more. Plus he’s extended one of the sidings so that it crosses the yard on the left.

I really liked these suggestions and I mocked up the plan on the baseboard.

I started by including one ‘Wye’ point (Peco SL-E497) and I ended up with four!

They are shorter than the left or right hand turnouts meaning they take up less space and they help the tracks diverge more quickly. I found this was really useful when trying to create a track plan in a confined area.

This is the plan I ended up with, and I rather like it.

It has the feel of the Art of Compromise but it’s been updated to create the illusion of more space and to make it more like a narrow gauge terminus

Some people have concerns about using ‘Wye’ points because there can be issues with the couplings but I like the design and I think it’s worth a shot.

Some ‘Wye’ points have been ordered 🙂

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