Redesigns of Art of Compromise

I’ve been working on the layout in the box.

First I added some plasticard to give a smooth surface for the back scene. It’s curved at one end to mask the corner. The other end is detachable in case I ever want to extend the layout (!)

I posted some photos to the NGRM forum and asked people how to improve the design. There were lots of helpful suggestions. Thanks to everyone for their help.

Option 1. Extend the loop to reduce the impression that the layout is made up of two halves.

Option 2. Some people questioned whether a small narrow gauge line would have invested in a bridge and so much earthworks. Others suggested the exit could be masked by some trees. Here I’ve imagined a flat road and some trees on the far right hand end.

Option 3. Invert the design and remove the bridge to give a narrow gauge feel and create more space.

Option 4. I commented that I found it strange to view the ‘station’ from behind. One suggestion was to invert the design, remove the bridge and place the station to the rear of the layout.

What do I think?

Honestly, I think each design could work.

Extending the loop has made a big difference. It removes the ‘two halves’ look and creates more space. Option 1 and 2 look good. Although I wonder if option 2 will look too flat, it may be difficult to create height differences in the landscape and retain the rail level crossing.

I rather like option 3. I can imagine a green, wooded scenic area at the back of the layout. It would make the layout look much more rural than Option 1.

For Option 4, I can’t quite imagine what the scenery should look like to make this appear realistic.

What do you think?

All suggestions welcome…


  1. There was a little station at Halton Holgate in Lincolnshire (Firsby/Spilsby branch) that had an overbridge by the station building where a simple level crossing would have sufficed. The area round there wasn’t that hilly.


  2. Very interesting to follow your trackplan ideas!

    I am about to start another TimeSaver (yard switcher) layout soon, just need to finish the current project first (have way to many half done projects..), so seeing your ideas gives me energy for mine πŸ˜€

    I recommend to have the yard tracks at front when time for some fun switching, but decide that, do as you please .. πŸ™‚



    • Hi Henrik
      Thanks. I think this layout will get built, I’m pretty enthusiastic about it. Just need to finalise the trackplan. Nearly there πŸ™‚
      How funny, I should finish my switching layout (Apadobe Mine) before starting this one. I think I will need to push myself to finish it.
      I love the engine shed you’re building by the way – it looks great!
      All the best


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