Sandy Ground Cover

I’ve been adding the ground cover to my little APA box layout.

In my imagination the layout is set in the desert of the southern states of the USA.

So lots of sand was needed for the ground cover.

I experimented with beach sand and children’s playpit sand but I eventually settled for Jarvis Desert Sand and Stone Mix. Jarvis isn’t a supplier I’ve used before, but it’s a quality product that looks good and I’d definitely use them again in future.

The sand was stuck down using neat PVA. I worked across the layout doing a small section at a time and waited 24 hours for the glue to dry.

The first coating wasn’t perfect and a second application was required to fill in the gaps.

Along the way I glued the mine entrance and the Adobe house in place and built the sand up to blend them into the landscape.

It’s taken a couple of weeks to complete the job. Here’s the current sate of play.

Yes, the sand is a totally different colour to the rock faces!

I’m hoping a wash of acrylic paint will correct this and bring everything together….

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