Dab Paint Like Clouds

The sky on my APA box layout is too blue and I’d like to paint in some clouds to make it less dominant.

I read somewhere that clouds could be created by applying paint with sponges. It seemed worth a try. I headed into the kitchen and cut up some sponges.

I painted white paint onto the sponge.

Then removed the excess paint by dabbing the sponge onto an old cereal box.

The top line removes most of the paint (from right to left). I thought I’d removed most of it but if I pressed harder more came out (lower line).

Then I tried dabbing the sponge onto blue card to create something like a cloud.

Not bad.

I liked the effect so I painted some faint clouds onto the sky of the layout.

I used sponges with very little paint on them and did several applications to build up the colour. The effect is more subtle and it’s broken up the sky quite well.

Not bad for a non-artist πŸ™‚

PS. The title of this blog comes from the Tai Chi move ‘Wave Hands Like clouds‘ – a lovely move.


  1. That does look really good Steve. I do like the subtleness of the clouds in that blue sky but you definitely see them if that makes sense?. Suits the rocky location of the layout too!


    • Thank Woody, very kind πŸ™‚
      It’s quite controllable. I applied too much white in one place so I got a clean sponge and dabbed some sky blue paint on to tone down the white.
      I’ve kept the sponges for future use….


  2. I am struggling with Cloud Hands……the leg movements plus the hinds is proving difficult for this old boy


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