Mine Entrance – Keep it Simple

A mine needs an entrance, but it doesn’t need to be complex.

Three pieces of 7mm square section bass wood (lime) should do it.

To add a little strength, I pinned the pieces together with some brass rod.

I had measured the sizes but before going any further it seemed sensible to check the clearances.

Good news, the rolling stock goes through!

Time to age the wood with a little grey paint and some black ink.

Job done πŸ™‚


    • Hi Peter, I take the bare wood, dry brush it with Citadel Ulthuan Grey, then apply a generous wash of Citadel Nuln Oil, let it dry and that’s it.
      I was in a model shop yesterday and I see Citadel do a Nuln Oil, and a Nuln Oil Glossy. I do not use the Glossy one, just plain Nuln Oil.


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