Too Many Ideas

It would be fair to say my modelling lacks a clear focus.

I admire people who are fascinated by one line or one theme and spend all their time working in that area. They can be very productive.

But my mind is a swirl of ideas, often completely different ideas, and I find it difficult to focus. A year long meditation retreat at an isolated monastery in the Himalayas might solve this, but that’s unlikely to happen.

A couple of things have been running around in my mind for some time.

  1. APA Boxes. These were children’s toy boxes made by IKEA and many modellers have built layouts inside them. IKEA stopped selling the boxes. However you can still buy them online … and that’s been nagging away at me.
  2. Adobe Wargaming Buildings. Bob Hughes has been using Wargaming buildings very successfully on this On30 (O-16.5) layout. Sarissa Precision produce some attractive 28mm scale Adobe style buildings. I love this architectural style and using these buildings is very tempting.

By chance, these two things came together. On an online auction site someone was selling an unassembled APA box and someone else was selling an unbuilt Sarissa kit. I was able to get them at bargain prices because nobody else bid on them. (Perhaps this tells me something 🙂 ).

  • APA box assembled
  • Piece of plywood cut to make a base
  • Building roughly assembled

Hmmm, this has possibilities….


  1. Hi Steve.
    I am in the same situation as you.
    My modelling is very unfocused as half way through a project, I am already thinking of the next three or four layouts ranging from pre-grouping 4mm, 2mm 1950’s to early green diesels, Lynton and Barnstable and currently a 2mm Union Pacific Rockies layout.
    Now you have put a spanner in the works with the idea of the Ikea box layout.
    Thanks for that mate ha ha.
    Regards anyway.

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    • Hi Peter,
      My pleasure, but all I did was add one more idea to the 20+ you have already 🙂
      Seriously though, I know what you mean. I’d be so much more productive if I could focus, but where’s the fun in that!
      2mm Union Pacific Rockies layout – now that sounds interesting…
      All the best

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  2. Better to have an active desire and imagination to see opportunities when they present themselves Steve. Never seen a gravestone with the epitaf ‘ He wished he hadn’t built so many layouts!’ In seriousness I too admire those who have a life long modelling career based on one era and one region or location. But we are all different and for some of us we have to have a try a bit of everything. Will be interested to see where you do end up with this!

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    • Hi Woody
      Thank you, that really make me smile! I will remember the epitaf – it will encourage me to sieze the opportunities. I reckon your right I need to try a bit of everything 🙂

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