Model It? Box Van Cafe Conversion

This is a clever conversion. A former box van becomes a cafe !

It can be found on the ‘Camel Trail‘ between Wadebridge and Padstow in Cornwall, a cycle path built on the former London and South Western Railway line.

I think a model of this would look perfect on a ‘heritage’ railway layout…

Model It? Sometimes I see things that inspire me, things I think would make a great model. I thought I would share photos of what I find interesting and perhaps, just perhaps, they might inspire your modelling…


  1. Dear Steve
    This is a great idea for a model and being heavy (wont get blown away in real life) in our variable weather we get now, not like a prefabricated build you see used now half brick and wood. The way they painted it makes for more character and the circular signs finish it off.
    I was wondering where the door to get in was, is it round the back, a fantastic idea for a model and you can buy second hand wagon that wont roll, or a kit.
    All the best Roger Sisley

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    • Hi Roger
      Yes, it’s a great conversion for an old van from a rummage box at an exhibition. Cheap to buy and you don’t mind taking a hacksaw to it 🙂
      no idea where the door is but I didn’t go round the back so I guess you’re right.

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  2. That’s not just any old box van, it’s a meat van which was the subject of the Airfix kit decades ago and still available from Dapol. It’s a nice conversion, especially the use of one of the end vents as the hood for a hatch. The more I look at your photo, the more details and opportunities for modelling I see, great stuff!

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    • Hi Simon,
      I didn’t realise that! The Airfix / Dapol kit would be a great starting point – and prototypical too so the rivet counters couldn’t complain 🙂
      I’m pleased you noticed the air vent hatch – I liked that too!

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