Cut and Shunt Coach for O9 (On18)

With the O9 loco completed I want to make something for it to pull.

422 Model Making have a rather nice ‘Workmans Coach’ designed for O-16.5 (On30) and I wondered if I could convert this to work for O9 (On18).

Regular readers will know I converted one of 422’s O-16.5 four wheeled box vans into a O9 model simply by reducing the width and making it into a bogie van.

Surely I should be able to do the same for the coach?

First job is to reduce the width. The coach is 42mm (1.66 inch) wide. My loco is 36mm (1.42 inch) wide so I cut a 6mm (0.24 inch) wide section from the centre of each end and glued the remaining two pieces together with slow setting super glue.

I sanded the top to create a smooth curve for the roof profile.

Then it was a straightforward task of gluing the four sides together and cutting a rectangle of 1.5mm thick (60 thou) plasticard that is a push fit into the base of the coach.

I drilled a couple on holes in the floor and clipped a pair of Peco GR-104 bogies in place.

This gives the coach you see at the top of the blog.

So far, so good.


  1. Dear Steve
    A great idea, earlier this year I bought three of these coaches with a similar plan, even bought the Peco bogies to be ready, glad you did it so now I don’t have to think to hard about it, I just copy your idea. Thanks.
    There are other kits in this scale open to rescaling that I have got ready for modifying.
    All the best
    Roger Sisley

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