Meet Red Lion

A little holiday modelling and I’ve completed the miniature railway locomotive I’ve been building.

First, I added glazing to the cab. These were circles of clear plastic held in place by Delux Materials Glue ‘n’ Glaze. Normally, I’m not a big fan of ‘posh’ specialist glues but this one dried completely clear and is totally invisible, just as the manufacturer claimed.

I was so impressed I used it for the final job on this loco – fixing the coal in the bunker.

This build started as a big of fun to see if I could take a secondhand 3D printed body and convert it into something that looked more like a miniature railway locomotive.

It’s turned out quite well.

Yes, it would look better with six driven wheels, and the Belpaire firebox is unusual for a miniature railway loco.

However, it was an enjoyable build and I rather like the look of the finished loco.

You can read the full build here.

Here’s a short video of it running on Thomas and Sons.

This layout isn’t the right location for this loco, but it’s nice to see it running. It may require a little more weight in the smoke box, but I’ll do more test runs before deciding whether to do that. Did I say the loco was completed…..?


  1. Hello Steve, as per my comment back in June I eat my words! You have done a cracking job and it looks great. I really do like this now it is complete. The red livery is just right and that driver figure is brilliantly posed. Shows that your original vision was right. Can someone now pass me the condiments please! Oh him! Woody BTW have a great 2021 and please do keep the blog going it is inspirational.

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    • Hi Woody, Thanks, but there were times when I doubted in this model too, it nearly got binned a couple of times! I kept going because I thought I could learn something if I completed it. It’s given me more confidence in O9 miniature railway modelling, but I will ‘start in a better place’ with the next loco build 🙂 Many thanks for the kind wishes, have a great 2021 too.


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