Model It? Hauxton Mill

Hauxton is a village about five miles south west of Cambridge (England) and this is the disused mill just outside the village.

Apparently, there has been a mill in Hauxton since Roman times, but this building dates from around 1880 and was used until the early 1970’s.

I think it would be a great addition to a model railway.

There are no complicated water wheels to model. The river runs under the building and out via a bridge.

Best of all, you could run a siding (or two) in front of the mill, over the bridge.

It could be part of a larger layout or perhaps a small shunting layout in it’s own right.


Model It? Sometimes I see things that inspire me, things I think would make a great model. I thought I would share photos of what I find interesting and perhaps, just perhaps, they might inspire your modelling…


  1. Hi Steve, I am a Dutch modeller with a passion for French narrow gauge lines. I am building an 0 scale expo layout with a tidal mill as theme.
    Wether it is a tidal mill or an ‘ordinary’ water mill or a small harbor, the combination railway and water is alway guaranteed succes. An enthusiastic modeling colleague will stand up and take on the challenge.
    Anyway, I’ve already started.
    Best regards, from the Dutch province of Zeeland.


    • Hi Jeroen, Good to hear from you. Yes, water and railways are a great combination, and I love French narrow gauge railways too. I’d be interesting in hearing how your model progresses – it sound like a very attractive idea. By the way, I’ve sent many happy hours cycling around Zeeland, lovely place to live. Best wishes, Steve


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