Permanent Way Container

This week I’ve been building a 20 foot (6 metre) rib sided container. It will be a storage container for the permanent way team and will be positioned next to a siding on the Granta Valley Railway. The GJH Plant kit is a well made kit, with sturdy parts – there’s a lot of resin in each one.

A dry run looked good, just a little flash to remove to make the parts fit well.

The instructions suggest sticking everything together with superglue. Normally, I buy my superglue from the ‘cheap shop’, it’s very liquid, oozes everywhere and I usually end up with at least one finger stuck to the model. Here I used a high viscocity superglue and this was a totally different ball game. It’s easy to apply precisely, you can put on small amounts and it doesn’t run anywhere. It did a much better job.

The photo at the top of the blog shows the model after the build, with a little model filler added to hide some remaining gaps.

I haven’t painted it yet. Containers can be a wide variety of bright colours that would really draw the viewers eye. I think I will opt for a dull green colour that wont stand out too much but I’ll decide later.


    • Hi Peter – I know that feeling. The high viscosity super glue I got had a working time of about 20 seconds. This was good as I could position the pieces correctly before the glue ‘grabbed’ and stuck everything together. All the best Steve


  1. Steve The next thing you do is coat with under coat. Do you use the spray from halfords type shop on this and your rolling stock, the pictures of your undercoated rolling stock etc always look good nay great, or is an acrylic type paint you brush on. You probably have said b4 but I must’ve have missed it. In the past I have used the car spray but to be have to be careful about mixing paint or you get the bubbles. This is a subject that concerns me as you can ruin a nice model. Your help would be much appreciated.


    • Hi Roger, Good to hear from you. Currently I’m using Citadel Corax White primer. It’s easy for me to buy it (in my local fantasy wargaming shop!), it gives a nice smooth finish and is a very light grey (almost white) colour. The colour is useful because it’s easy to coat on lighter colours (white shirts and flesh tones on figures for example). Recently, someone who writes for Airfix magazine recommended the paint brushes and primers from AK Interactive. I tried the brushes and they are very good. Haven’t tried the primer yet though….. Steve


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