Oakington Station

The Covid-19 situation means that all the heritage railways in the UK are closed at the moment.

As I can’t visit a preserved railway I set off to find an abandoned line instead.

The Wisbech, St Ives & Cambridge Junction Railway was built in 1847. The line thrived, survived the Beeching axe, but traffic declined and the railway closed in 2003. Parts of the line now form the Guided Busway from Cambridge to St Ives.

This is Oakington station, about 7 miles (11km) north of Cambridge city centre. The railway has disappeared and the guided busway runs near the old platform. It’s a strange sight to see the busses and cyclists travelling past the station building.

The mural is beautifully painted. I like it, although it does look incongruous on an old station.

The other side of the building is much more traditional, if you ignore the satellite dish 🙂

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