Tool Box

Have I taken up military modelling?

No. I brought this Tamiya kit because it contains interesting tools, jacks and other equipment that will look good in a workshop.

It contains a tool box and the works maintenance man definitely needs one of those.

I’d expected it to be a ready made one piece item, but no. It comes as 6 pieces that need to be assembled. Tamiya have added to the fun!

Here’s the result.

At about 10mm (0.4mm inch) long it wont be obvious on the layout… but having it there will make me feel good.


  1. Hi Steve.

    Hope you are OK. Appreciate your regular posts.

    Regarding sources from other medium, I totally agree, as a lot of materials can be found from war gaming, art suppliers, even every day things found around the house.

    I had a quantity of various thickness balsa wood which has come in handy for scenery construction.

    Take care


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    • Hi Peter,
      I’m well thank you and I hope you are too. Thanks for letting me know you appreciate the posts.
      Yes, I reckon that looking at different sources of materials is a good source of inspiration. Balsa wood for scenery sounds ideal, it’s light and easy to work. I hope that works well for you.
      I’ve been ‘stashing’ lots of cardboard recently. I’m thinking scenery, but many people make great models from it too. Bill Knights 1:16 scale models are made from old cardboard boxes, cereal packets etc and they are jolly nice. There’s more info here.
      Keep in touch, stay safe
      All the best

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