Buildings, Books, Blu Tack

My thoughts are turning back to Thomas and Sons. I really should finish it off. (If a layout can ever be finished 🙂 ).

The buildings and walls were made ages ago and were waiting for a coat of matt varnish. That done, I glued them in place and used blu tack and books to hold them still until the PVA (white glue) dried. (Note to self: Don’t use flash to photograph layout, even if it is 10 o’clock at night!).

Next the fascia board was replaced, and here’s what the layout looks like. Not bad.

I will add some figures and ‘clutter’ to the yard. Not too much clutter. I’ve been looking at pictures of engineering works yards and they tend to be quite clean with just a few ‘goods in’, ‘goods out’ or ‘items in transit around the works’ being held in the yard.

So that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve….

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