Statfold Barn Enthusiast Day – Virtually

Today the Statfold Bard Railway was due to hold it’s ‘Enthusiast Day’ – a day to view their collection of locomotives and visit areas that are not normally open to the public. At the moment all gatherings have been banned in the UK and the event has been cancelled.

It’s the right decision but I’m disappointed. I was looking forward to it 😦

What to do? How to get my railway fix?

Luckily, when I booked my ticket I brought their ‘Guide Book and Stock List’ and they sent it to me by post.

It’s a good book, well printed and packed with interesting photos. It tells the story of the railway, takes you along the line and gives you a history for each of their locos. And they have a lot of locos, 23 steam and 28 internal combustion locos are included!

I’ve spent a very happy couple of hours in the sunshine, drinking tea and reading this book.

In fact sitting in the sun, drinking tea, looking at locos is almost the same as being at the event…vitrtually 🙂

With all of the events cancelled in the UK perhaps reading books is the best way to get my railway fix.

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