Recycling Rheneas

The chassis from my model of Rheneas has been used for an O9 locomotive. This means that I have a spare body and I wondered if I could reuse it.

My first thought was to remove the footplate.

The chassis from the Minitrains Krauss / Stainz loco is a very reliable runner and I like using it for OO9 loco builds. I compared the body to a chassis from one of my existing locos.

Unfortunately, the Rheneas body is too long for the Minitrains chassis.

After a strong coffee, I used a junior hacksaw to cut an 8mm long section from the boiler.

Then I made a footplate from 0.5mm (20 thou) thick plasticard.

The footplate and the pieces of the Rheneas body were placed on the Minitrains chassis.

Perhaps it’s not very prototypical but I must say I do like the look of this loco, it’s rather fun.

I want to complete this build 🙂


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