Keep Going

Now I have started to pave the yard, I feel I need to keep going and I’ve completed another section of setts (the area in the front left of this photo).

It’s not a large area, around 24cm (9½ inches) long and 7.5cm (3 inches) wide at it’s widest point. Yet it took me an hour and a half to roll the clay, glue it to the layout and press the outline of the setts into the clay.

The large area at the front of the layout needs to be done next. It is roughly 53cm (21 inches) long by 18cm (7 inches) wide and it will take ages to do!

I will probably have to divide it up into smaller areas and do one part at a time.

This has got me thinking about what it the best way to sub-divide the area and how to join wet clay to dry clay with setts stamped in it.

Hmm… more thought needed…

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